Generation System

                  FirstEnergy controls approximately 3,780 megawatts from regulated scrubbed coal and hydro facilities in West Virginia, New Jersey and Virginia. In addition, the company's competitive Allegheny Energy Supply subsidiary owns approximately 1,300 megawatts from a coal facility in West Virginia.

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                  Generation MapYards Creek Hydro StationCoalHydroPleasants Power StationHarrison Power StationFort Martin Power StationBath County Hydro


                  Fort Martin Power Station
                  Location: Maidsville, WV
                  Generation Type: Coal
                  Capacity: 1,098 MW
                  Fact Sheet

                  Pleasants Power Station*
                  Location: Willow Island, WV
                  Generation Type: Coal
                  Capacity: 1,300 MW
                  Fact Sheet
                  *Pleasants Power Station, owned by Allegheny Energy Supply, will be transferred to FES as part of the settlement agreement with FirstEnergy Corp.

                  Harrison Power Station
                  Location: Haywood, WV
                  Generation Type: Coal
                  Capacity: 1,984 MW
                  Fact Sheet


                  Bath County Pumped Storage
                  Location: Warm Springs, VA
                  Generation Type: Hydro
                  Capacity: 487 MW 


                  Yards Creek Hydro Station 
                  Location: Blairstown, NJ
                  Generation Type: Hydro
                  Capacity: 210 MW

                  Regulated Generation News

                  Yards Creek Prepares for Fall Outage
                  (9/16/18, FirstEnergy Employee Publication)

                  Fall Outage Begins with Safety at Fort Martin
                  (9/14/18, FirstEnergy Employee Publication)

                  Header Replacement Complete at Fort Martin
                  (10/13/17, FirstEnergy Employee Publication)



                  Last Modified: October 23, 2018